Scandinavian Trends

Bjorn Wiinblad

For more than 60 years, the wonderfully varied work of Bjorn Wiinblad has been beloved in both his native Denmark and abroad. Bjorn Wiinblad's creativity lent itself to glass, porcelain, interior design, ceramics, and illustrations. Vibrant colors and festive moods are the hallmark of this unique Scandinavian artist's work.

Tivoli by Bjorn Wiinblad

Royal Danish Ballet by Bjorn Wiinblad

Edition Wilhelm Hansen 1857/1982 Anniversary Poster by Bjorn Wiinblad

Nutcracker Print from 1984 by Bjorn Wiinblad

Nutcracker Prince Print from 1984 by Bjorn Wiinblad

Fratelli Spassosi Poster from 1966 by Bjorn Wiinblad